Empowering Parents

to raise confident and resilient children.


The pursuit of perfection is damaging our children more than fizzy drinks, fast food, or screen time.”
Dr Maryhan 


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Empowering Parents

to raise confident and resilient children.


The pursuit of perfection is damaging our children more than fizzy drinks, fast food, or screen time.”
Dr Maryhan 


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I’m Dr. Maryhan

and I am an expert at making you feel like a confident parent!

Working with me involves a lot of  reassuring and hand holding through the journey of parenting. My holistic and Bespoke approach empowers you as the parent and encourages your children to feel confident through any challenge they may face now and in the future.

How can I help you?

With anxiety and stress on the increase it is likely your child will need some support getting through a challenging time in their life. Maybe they worry excessively, have low self confidence, struggle to manage their big emotions, or they find life’s challenges just too much. As parents we can often feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to how we can best support our children. This is where I can help.

One-to-One Coaching

For children , teens, and parents who are feeling overwhelmed and need a clear plan for how to move forward more positively. We will work together to create your own set of bespoke strategies, allowing you to better manage your anxieties; moving you from angst to much greater confidence.

Online Courses

For parents and educators, who want to learn how to support anxious children, promote resilience, or help children better manage their emotions, so they are better able to take on new challenges. You can work at your own pace from home with all my resources at your fingertips.

Join Membership

Become part of my online parent community and have access to all my resources to help you raise confident and resilient children. I’m with you every step of the way with monthly workshops and weekly sessions where I offer my tips and strategies for those day to day challenges we all face as parents. 

What Parents Are Saying About Dr. Maryhan

“Maryhan has been so supportive of my son and myself. Her sessions are fun and engaging, she is attentive to the needs of the child and helps them to find their voice and be heard. She has a very calm personality, which my son found really beneficial, as it helped him to sort out his emotions and resolve issues. She has practical ideas for both the child and the parent, which really do work. I would highly recommend Maryhan to any parent whose child is struggling emotionally or behaviorally.

Joanna, Salisbury

“Maryhan has been involved in all 3 of my children’s lives for one reason or another over the past 9 years. She has helped to develop social, emotional and educational skills tailored to each child. Her approach is so laid back and fun that the children didn’t even realize they were learning. I am so grateful to her for her support.

Emma, Shaftesbury

“Maryhan is fantastic … supportive, attentive and understanding. She has strategies that support children and parents. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with their child’s behavior, whether it be emotional, behaviour or educational challenges. She supports the parent as well as the child and is always there at the end of the phone! Whether it be her 1-to-1 sessions or her workshops … both provide ongoing support and education.

Jo, Pewsey

“I have known Maryhan in her professional capacity for 12 years.  I liked her immediately, as have all my children, and respected her approach to child development.  She has the ability to see to the heart of the issue, and always been approachable and kind yet able to analyse and tackle the situation in a gentle yet assertive way.  I trust Maryhan’s analysis and approach.  She has always been able to identify the root cause of an issue and has given me an untold amount of support and advice on moving forward during times when I have felt very lost and worried about my children.  I feel so glad I met Maryhan as I feel we have all benefitted from the support she has given us.”

Kate, Salisbury

“Our son was struggling with bad anxiety. Maryhan was able to quickly build a relationship of mutual trust and respect. No mean feat with a shy teenager. She offered several solutions that he could choose from and then implement himself – empowering him. He can, and has, used these skills in new challenging situations. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I thoroughly recommend Maryhan to help your child or teenager face the myriad of challenges out there today”.
Betsy, Salisbury

“I have worked with Dr Maryhan since early 2016 and she is fantastic. She delivers the Emotional Health training for our Kaya Nannies, where our goal is to equip our Kaya Nannies with the skills and tools to support our children on a day to day basis. Dr Maryhan is engaging, down to earth and she consistently ensures everyone understands. She is wonderful with her use of examples and the sessions are filled with the Kaya Nannies completing all the activities so they get a great understanding of how the work and the benefits of using them. I cannot recommend Dr Maryhan highly enough and regardless of whether you access Raw Parenthood, attend one of her talks or have one to one sessions, you will learn a lot and her knowledge and passion will shine through.”

Jo Chavasse, Founder of Freckles Childcare

“Dr Maryhan has been known to our school family for many years. In recent times this relationship has become more established and formalised, as she has responded to the needs of the pupils, their parents and the staff. Dr Maryhan has provided valuable 1:1 support and counselling for individual pupils and their families. She is seen as an integral part of the team, providing certainty and inspiring confidence where it is most needed, in our increasingly complex and ever-changing world. In addition, Dr Maryhan has helped the school to acknowledge its commitment to supporting parents in nurturing their children. Her presentations to parents have proved immensely popular, providing reassurance and guidance through the challenges of parenthood in the 21st Century. Dr Maryhan is a highly respected professional, who adopts a personal approach, tailoring her skills and expertise to suit the individual’s circumstances. I wholeheartedly recommend her”

Clive Marriott, Headmaster of Salisbury Cathedral School

“Having found Dr Maryhan on Facebook as a stroke of luck I invited her in to talk about different ways in which she may be able to support my staff and pupils. We see more and more children with low self-esteem and the inability to self-regulate in terms of their emotions. Dr Maryhan, with her experience and expertise, alongside her passion for improving provision for these vulnerable children, was a massive boost for us all. I booked staff training and class workshops alongside a parent workshop to tackle it from all angles. Dr Maryhan’s professionalism, but more importantly her down to earth and honest approach, meant that everyone engaged whole heartedly with her sessions and the feedback from all parties was positive. Staff felt they had a deeper understanding of the issues, but more importantly, practical activities and sessions that they could deliver which would have a real and valued impact. Parents felt supported and comfortable enough to ask questions and some have asked for Dr Maryhan to work 1:1 with their children. Dr Maryhan has literacy been like an angel to us. In times when attachment and emotional issues impact so heavily on pupil wellbeing and behaviour as well as learning outcomes; when staff at times feel like they are out of their depth in trying to support these vulnerable young people we all of a sudden felt we had support. Someone with practical and real advice that actually made a difference to us as professionals as well as our young people. What a blessing! I cannot recommend Dr Maryhan highly enough.”

Philippa Winbolt, Headteacher at Dauntsey Academy Primary School

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