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60 Minutes with Dr Maryhan

60 minutes with Dr. maryhan

Pour yourself a cuppa, find a comfy seat and join Maryhan for a practically based talk on a whole range of parenting topics.

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8-9pm BST
25th September 2024

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If you can’t make the LIVE talk, you can purchase the recording and still benefit from getting Maryhan’s practical solutions, the workbook, and hearing her answer questions. 

next live talk – 25th September 2024

Ask Dr Maryhan

No question is too extreme or embarrassing because Dr Maryhan has heard it all.

Now it’s your chance to get real answers by asking your parenting questions, questions about what to do to help your child with a specific struggle, or questions about your mum guilt and how you think you’re not doing a great job.

You’ll have access to Dr Maryhan to ask questions with judgement-free answers. So, purchase your ticket and ask away…

Recorded Sessions

Available for Purchase (Instant Access)

Preparing for Success; How to Help Your Child Set and Achieve Exam Goals

How can we help our children and teens when they are taking tests and exams? Whether they are lacking motivation and doing absolutely no work, or they are overworking and getting themselves super stressed. Understanding some basic principles is crucial.

Join me as I share my top strategies to help your child prepare for exam success!

Supporting Anxious Children

Everyone worries; it’s normal. However, when we have a child or teen who regularly complains of tummy ache, struggles to fall asleep at night, and avoids certain situations – we have to act.

This talk is all about ways we can help a child or teen whose worries turn to anxiety which then stops them from going into school, trying new things, forming friendships, being overly self-critical and anything else which gets in the way of them being the best version of themselves.

Raising Confident Kids

Doesn’t every parent want a child or teen who takes ownership of their learning (and revising), their bedroom, their behaviour, and their choices, and bounce back when life doesn’t quite go according to plan?? Sound too good to be true?

It’s really not, but the secret is starting early and please don’t worry if you’ve already got a teen – all is not lost!!

Emotional Health First Aid For The Early Years

We know the early years are crucial to establishing good habits for emotional well-being. In this talk I’ll discuss what you can do in the first 5 years. Perfect for expectant parents and anyone with children under 5 years.

Social Media and The Teen Brain

Let’s talk honestly about the impact of social media and the teen brain. From Twitter to TikTok and the whole Metaverse in between, it is now well documented to have a significantly negative impact on our children’s mental health – linked to depression, anxiety, and increase suicide rates.

What can we do to help our teens as they learn to navigate this online world? I’ll be answering these questions and setting out my honest thoughts on social media and how mindless use, in my view, is as dangerous for their long-term health and wellbeing as smoking.

How to Help Your Child Navigate Friendships

As humans we are social animals – we want to belong, we want to be accepted, be part of a collective and friendships serve that purpose for us. When it comes to school – friendships are the reason children stay happy and bounce into school. When they are struggling with friendships it can create a whole host of other issues.

These issues occur across all ages from pre-schoolers all the way up to our school leavers and university attending young adults – the language used is just different.
I’ll share the qualities of a good friend and the five friendship truths.

Managing Tech & Digital Devices

This is such a huge topic, so I am going to try to cover as much as I can so I can in 60-minutes, whether you have a 2 year old all the way up to a 22 year old, with some useful, practical advice to start using immediately.

How to Parent Strong Willed Children

When we have a child who seems hellbent on arguing with everything we ask of them, making up their own rules, and struggling to manage their emotions – it can leave its mark on all of us.

We often feel like we’re parenting in a war zone and then feel guilty and sad with how we’ve handled things. There isn’t a magic wand approach which will change everything, yet my seven strategies could just save your sanity and relationship with your child, without breaking their spirit.

Tantrums & Meltdowns

How do we tackle those inevitable moments when our children simply lose the plat, their emotions get the better of them, or they feel debilitatingly overhwelmed …

I Can Do Difficult Things – Talk for Parents

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our children and teens could conquer their fear of failing? So often they stop doing something or …

I Can Do Difficult Things – Workshop for Children

Let Dr Maryhan help your child identify their fears and take steps to conquer them using a printable workbook and …

Raising Confident, Resilient Kids

Doesn’t every parent want an independent, self-motivated, resilient child or teen who takes ownership of their learning (and revising) …

Supporting Children who Worry

Everyone worries; it’s normal. However, when we have a child or teen who regularly complains of tummy ache …

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