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About the
Parenting Expert
Dr. Maryhan

Beyond her doctorate, Dr. Maryhan’s passion for empowering parents began before her career ever began.

About Dr Maryhan

behind the doctorate

Maryhan, the middle of three children was born near Cairo in Egypt.

Her father, an anaesthetist, accepted a job at a hospital in Sussex and the whole family emigrated to England when she was five years old.

At the age of 11 years old her father died suddenly leaving her 41-year-old mother widowed raising three children aged 8, 11 and 18 years.


Her journey was not a straightforward one.

Grammar School
to Psychology

Educated at a selective grammar school in Wiltshire she failed to live up to her academic potential and left school at 18 years of age having failed all three of her A-Levels.

A very successful 10 years in industry fuelled a curiosity workplace psychology. Particularly in the areas of teams, people, and motivation.

Becoming a
Parenting Expert

At 28 years of age Maryhan left her corporate career and embarked on an 8-year long full- time academic journey before being awarded her Doctorate in 2006.

She combined her studies with motherhood, having her son in the final year of her Psychology degree, and her daughter in the second year of her PhD. Motherhood changed her focus to child development and how play can positively impact children’s learning.

A passionate advocate of positive mental health, not only for children but parents and adults too.

For over 20 years Dr Maryhan has been supporting children with anxiety and helping parents raise confident, resilient children.

Her practical approach has been hailed by parents, schools and organisations and earned her a reputation for straight-talking, non-judgemental, real advice.

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