Anxiety Toolkit

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Video Teaching Library

Access recorded videos covering more than six different strategies and how to implement them each day with your children

Resources At Your Fingertips

The programme includes access to worksheets, ‘how-to’s’ and downloadable audio files to listen to in the car or at home.

Lifetime Access

Work through the programme at your own pace, and then enjoy all the resources and videos to refer back to time and time again.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Dr Maryhan's Bitesize Anxiety Course
  • Video: A message from Dr Maryhan
  • Video: How to use this course
Chapter #1: Understand your child's anxiety
  • Video: What is anxiety?
  • Resource: Understanding anxiety notes
  • Resource Slides: Understand your child’s anxiety and triggers
  • Video: Explaining emotions to children
  • Resource: Common signs of anxiety
  • Resource: Understanding the see-saw
  • Resource: The anxiety cycle
  • Resource: When I worry – gingerbread man for where anxiety shows up in your child’s body
  • Video: Signs of anxiety
Chapter #2: Balancing the see-saw with behavioural strategies
  • Resource Slides: Balancing the see-saw
  • Video: Take 10
  • Resource: Take 10
  • Video: Anxiety Ladder
  • Resource: Anxiety Ladder
  • Resource: Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
  • RECORDING: MB to record Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
  • Resource: Daily Reflection and Goal Setting
Chapter #3: Balancing the see-saw with thinking strategies
  • Video: Thinking strategies
  • Resource Slides: Balancing the see-saw – thinking strategies
  • Resource: Changing faulty thinking – inner critic to inner cheerleader
  • Resource: Coping comments/mantra template
  • Resource: Coping comments/mantra notes to ask
  • Video: Inner critic and inner cheerleader explanation
  • Video: Brain as a muscle explanation
Chapter #4: Next steps

Video: Next steps

Hello I’m Dr. Maryhan

I help parents of children who struggle with low confidence or anxiety by teaching them practical strategies to move their child from angst to courage so everyone feels confident, calm, and connected.

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