Practical Tips For Parenting With Confidence

Helping children ‘find their voice’

I like to think of confidence and anxiety as both existing on the same continuum. At one end you have the confident child who understands their strengths and limitations but feels comfortable in their own skin. This does not mean they are extroverts; extroverts don’t...

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How to help your anxious child

Parenting an anxious child can feel overwhelming as you watch your child struggle with everyday activities which other children manage, with what appears, relative ease. As a parent you can often feel isolated, embarrassed, and guilty; no-one else's child gets upset...

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Shame and Vulnerability- Daring to Bare All

I am a staunchly private person but there's something very public about going through a divorce, which has left me at least, more prepared than ever to expose my vulnerability. I think of it very much in the same way as gynaecological examinations during pregnancy and...

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Waking up at 5am makes me a calmer parent

I don't recall being an early riser when I was younger but I remember all too vividly not enjoying those exhausting bleary-eyes mornings sat, or in my case laid down, on the sofa watching children's television with my son, who had a habit of woking up the wrong side...

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Supporting children’s obsessive behaviour

We all have our own ways of wanting things done; I'm obsessed with symmetry and no-one is allowed to pack the dishwasher but me! However, if your child is showing patterns of obsessive behaviour which  seem to dictate their day, take a great deal of time, or cause...

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