Practical Tips For Parenting With Confidence

When things don’t go to plan..

It's the season of exam results and my son will be amongst the thousands of students who will be receiving their GCSE results tomorrow. Talk about pressure! There is nothing more testing of a teen's resilience than receiving a set of exam results which aren't up to...

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Play: A Child’s Work

At my parenting seminars I am often asked about how much time school-aged children should have to play each day.  The common issue seems to be afterschool activities and homework leave very little time for anything else.  My answer is always the same… I believe play...

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Supporting children with anxiety

Parenting a child with anxiety can sometimes feel as though you are walking a high wire; any movement which upsets the balance could result in catastrophe. It can often be difficult to determine what is your child's behaviour, and needs to be dealt with accordingly,...

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Why resolutions are not just for the new year

One of our family traditions was to stay up on New Year's Eve and take it in turns to set out our resolutions. I have very fond memories of those evenings all huddled up discussing our aspirations for the upcoming year and what we hoped to achieve. We were always...

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Why our children should be grateful

There is now mounting evidence that the practice of gratitude not only makes children feel happier but it also increases their resilience, self-esteem, improves self-control and their mental health.  So what exactly is gratitude and can we really teach it to our...

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