The Confident Kids Card Decks.

We all want happy confident children yet, as parents, it can be difficult to know how best to help move them from feeling frozen with angst and worry to becoming more courageous about trying new things.

Having worked with children and families for over 20 years what I know for sure is helping a child create their own toolkit is THE single best way. This in turn guides them towards building better friendships, negotiating challenges more calmly with siblings, becoming aware of their internal chatter, and overcoming their negative thinking so they can truly step into becoming their best selves.

Confidence is totally an inside job, so it doesn’t matter how much praise we pour onto our children, we are never going to build their confidence this way – we need to help them do the inner work.

This is where my card decks come in.

Cards are a hands-on, tactile way to help children become more self-aware, – you can’t begin to make changes until you are clear about your starting point.

Once your child has clarity, they can then use the card decks, and a little problem solving, to pull together their own route map to success – whatever that looks like for them.

The Confident Kids Card Decks are made up of four different card packs. Each pack has between 52-54 cards and instructions on how to play.

Each card deck addresses a different area of your child’s life, which all contribute to their overall confidence. Giving your child and your family a whole mind work-out!

Suitable for children aged 4 years and older.

Whilst the design of the decks may appeal to younger children, I have used the contents of the cards with teens and young adults, as the concepts within the decks are universal – even for us as parents!!

What’s inside the pack?

The card decks are designed specifically for children’s hands, so are smaller than a typical pack of cards.

Each card is 8.7cm by 5.6cm

ALL 4 Card decks are £27 plus postage and packaging at £3.85


Conversation Starters

This deck is designed to create opportunities to talk, and get to know your children, family, and friends better. This can be played with two or more people.

Each card has a question to open interesting discussions; whether it’s a hypothetical question “What are you most likely to win a prize at school for?”, or a reflection question “What makes you happy?”.

You will be amazed at what you will learn about your child, and yourself!


Qualities of a Happy Family

These cards are designed to begin a dialogue around the qualities of a happy family. You don’t need every single quality to have a happy family, but when lots are missing, this is when we see frictions between family members.

Use the cards to identify and praise every family member’s positive qualities, including yours as the parent. Then move on to identifying the areas each of you can work on.

Revisit the card deck regularly to praise progress and to foster collaboration within the family.


Mantras for Kids

We all have an internal chatter, a dialogue which narrates our lives; children are no different.

The mantras in this card deck are designed to be the internal confidence boost your child needs.

Instead of an internal chatter which says “this is too scary”, “what if I fail?”, or “something bad will happen”, they can pull a card from the deck and get “I am brave and I can do this”, or “everyone’s here to help me”


Qualities of a Good Friendship

We have all experienced friendships challenges at some point in our lives, and children are no different.

The cards in this pack are designed to help children recognise the qualities which make a good friendship, and by contrast, they can understand the qualities which may be missing in relationships which aren’t currently serving them.

The cards can then be used to help children make positive changes to their friendships and by revisiting the card deck regularly, we can praise the changes they do make.

A little extra…

If you want to work on boosting your child’s confidence even further then why not add Dr Maryhan’s 85-page Children’s Finding Courage to downloadable workbook for an extra £8 taking your total to £35

Hello, I am Dr Maryhan…

an experienced psychologist and parenting expert, as well as a mother of two. For over 15 years I have been supporting families with children, teens, and young adults struggling with low confidence and anxiety.

Based in Hampshire, and thanks to modern technology I work directly with parents in small groups virtually and the transformations have been incredible!


The Confident Kids Card Decks


+ Post & Packaging

The Confident Kids Card Decks. and Workbook


+ Post & Packaging

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