With anxiety and stress on the increase it is likely your child will need some support getting through a challenging time in their life. Maybe they worry excessively, have low self confidence, struggle to manage their big emotions, or they find life’s challenges just too much. As parents we can often feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to how we can best support our children. This is where I can help.

Every child is different and every family is different.  My holistic approach focuses not only on giving your child practical strategies and tools, which they can use anywhere they find themselves feeling challenged. I also work with you, as their parent, to integrate these tools into their everyday, making family life easier for everyone. My bespoke approach integrates a variety of techniques from behavioural strategies to mindfulness and mindset shifting.

It is my wholehearted belief when children are given the right set of tools and strategies, they can successfully negotiate any challenge life might throw at them. My role is therefore to help your child create their own bespoke toolkit, and then empower them to use it independently; moving from away from angst towards their courageous selves.

There are a number of ways I could support your child. 

A Power Hour is a one-hour video session where I work directly with your child on a particular challenge they are experiencing. It could be they are struggling with their confidence, or they are finding their emotions difficult to manage. 

My Toolkits are a series of pre-recorded videos and downloadable resources which you can use at home to help support your child yourself. The resources are exactly the same as those I use day to day when working with children; they just give you the freedom to work through them at home, at your own pace, and for the family as a whole. 

Should you want to discuss working with me privately then please get in touch here. 

Power Month

Anxiety Toolkit

Kid’s Academy Toolkit

Maryhan has been so supportive of my son and myself. Her sessions are fun and engaging, she is attentive to the needs of the child and helps them to find their voice and be heard. She has a very calm personality, which my son found really beneficial, as it helped him to sort out his emotions and res... Read More
Joanna, Salisbury 
Joanna, Salisbury
Maryhan has been involved in all 3 of my children’s lives for one reason or another over the past 9 years. She has helped to develop social, emotional and educational skills tailored to each child. Her approach is so laid back and fun that the children didn’t even realize they were learning. I a... Read More
Emma, Shaftesbury 
Emma, Shaftesbury
Maryhan is fantastic … supportive, attentive and understanding. She has strategies that support children and parents. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with their child’s behaviour, whether it be emotional, behaviour or educational challenges. She supports the parent as well as the chil... Read More
Jo, Pewsey 
Jo, Pewsey
I have known Maryhan in her professional capacity for 12 years.  I liked her immediately, as have all my children, and respected her approach to child development.  She has the ability to see to the heart of the issue, and always been approachable and kind yet able to analyse and tackle the situat... Read More
Kate, Salisbury 
Kate, Salisbury

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