“The most valuable lesson we can teach our children is how to be happy and confident with who they are. Everything else falls into place when they truly believe in themselves.”

Parenting is tough, full stop. Just when you think you’ve nailed it, they go through a new phase, and you feel like you have no idea how to parent this new child or teen!

Whether it’s making new friends, transitioning between schools, or handling peer pressure, our children face change all the time and how we parent needs to adapt and flex to suit these changing needs.

Everyone talks about the baby years – how to get them to sleep, feeding them, teething and potty training, but what about as they grow up? Back-chat, friendship issues, resilience, confidence issues, family dynamics, exam pressure, and managing screen-time. These are all areas your child needs you as their parent – whether they realise it or not!

How Not To Screw Up Your Kids is all about striving to be the best parent we can be. It’s a community of like-minded parents who are being honest about their parenting journey. They don’t have all the answers, yet they’re willing to work through each stage and transition to find a solution which worls best for their family.

It’s about practical advice to manage those day-to-day ups and downs as well as guidance on how best to tackle up and coming changes. So you feel in control, rather than on the back foot.

A parenting expert you can trust!

Dr Maryhan is an experienced psychologist & parenting expert, and mother of two. For over 20 years she has been supporting children, teens and young adults struggling with low confidence and anxiety.

“I believe children are an adult home under constrcution. Our role as their parent is to provide the scaffolding for their build. We adapt and change as their building rises, always there to catch any falling masonry or woodwork, but never trying to change the essence or spirit of the build. We don’t get to inhabit our children’s adult home, they do.

By focusing our parenting on the adult we want to raise our child to become, rather than the child we currently have, we are able to raise those confident, resilient, happy, sucessful adults we all want.”


“Maryhan is the font of parenting knowledge. She provides oodles of non-judgemental, practical and realistic advice, based on years of experience of working with parents and children, in an upbeat and positive manner”

My job within How Not To Screw Up Your Kids community is to teach you practical tools and strategies,  which work for your unique family set-up; whatever the stage your children are at. Once you have those tools and strategies those day-to-day parenting challenges become easier to navigate.

How Not To Screw Up Your Kids



Access your private Community in Mighty Networks

Filled with like-minded parents, who don’t have all the answers, yet are open and honest about the challenges they are facing. Make friends, share tears, and celebrate your wins. This is also the place where you’ll find all the support you need from each other and me.


Monthly LIVE Parent Masterclass with me

We’ll dive deep into a new topic each month; whether it’s managing sibling conflict, difficulties sleeping, self-doubt or screen-time.


Monthly Children’s Workshop with me

To compliment the parent masterclass, you will also get a workshop to teach your children how to boost their confidence, manage friendship issues, manage their emotions, and other things children typically struggle with.


Weekly Q+A with me

Focused on fixing issues you’re having right now. Post your question in the online community group and I’ll help get you out of your rut.


Weekly SHINE Practice

Join me every Monday at 7am for a dose or Dr Maryhan SHINE self-care. Bring your cuppa, journal, and find a comfy seat. Together we will set our intentions and get our week off to the best possible start.


Online resources in the Members Site

Access to all Dr Maryhan’s courses including the 12-week Finding Courage programme for children, the Anxiety Toolkit, Managing Tech, 7 Steps to Calm and the Kids Academy Toolkit. Collated together in one place are all Dr Maryhan’s downloadable, printable resources to help you build your family toolkit.


Dr Maryhan’s membership is for you if:


You have a child who is struggling with low confidence and / or anxiety


You are prepared to talk openly and honestly about the difficulties your family are facing


You understand there is no ‘quick fix’. You want to see lasting changes and you know this may take time.


You are prepared to do the work, and recognise it won’t always be easy


You want to be part of a community which supports each other through the highs and the lows


You recognise the first piece of the jigsaw starts with you


You want to feel part of a community of like-minded people


You want to make lifelong friends


You are open to trying things which might push you out of your comfort zone

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