Ep 120: My Parenting Journey

Warning: This episode contains personal experience of child loss, childbirth and grief. I thought it might be helpful to share my early parenting journey in as honest way as I can. As a heads up I am going to share experiences of loss and grief, which for some of you may trigger your own loss […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Help My 8 Year Old Viewed Pornography!

Warning: this episode briefly discusses types of pornography children may see online.   This episode responds to a listener question: “My 8-year-old son said he’s watched pornography on a friends phone. I didn’t know what to say, so said nothing and changed the subject. Should I discuss it with him? He’s so young.” If you’d […]

Ep 119: Self-Harm

1 in 5 children aged between 10-18 years is self-harming and the numbers being admitted into hospital is rising – particularly in younger children. As parents what do we need to know about self-harm? What causes it and how we can help our children and teens if they self-harm? Here are the highlights: (1:15) What […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Sleep Struggles

Sleep is so important for children and yet we often have so many issues getting our children to bed. This episode responds to a listener question asking how to help their child with sleep struggles. If you need more support with this topic, please listen to Ep 5: Bedroom Routines and Sleep   To access […]

Ep 118: Family Secrets

Every family has a past which they want to shield their children from. It may be a relative with an addition, a past severe mental health issue, a criminal record or simply something you have not yet found the right way to talk to your children about. I will share my tips on if, when, […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Parenting Styles

One of the major contributors to filling our bucket is challenges around parenting with our partners. The biggest problem can be when we have different parenting styles to others involved in raising our children. Do you know your parenting style?   To access the free resources mentioned in this episode visit https://drmaryhan.com/library Join our campaign One […]

Ep 117 – My Daughter and Neurodiversity

A very candid and honest conversation with my daughter about her neurodiversity. She opens up about feeling different to her friends from an early age – they seemed to play very differently. She shares why a diagnosis helped her know herself, her experience of medication, and how she’s navigating life day to day. There are […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Gratitude

Daily gratitude will help empty your bucket! There is mounting evidence that the practice of gratitude not only makes us feel happier, but it also increases resilience, self-esteem, improves self-control and mental health. Gratitude is even better if you write it down. You can purchase your Shine Planner or Gratitude Journal.   To access the […]

Ep 116 – Back To School

This episode I talk about all things Back to School! We’re talking about preparing our children’s mindsets, cultivating curiosity, dealing with back-to-school anxieties, and creating good habits. This episode is for you whether you have a 5-year-old or a 20-something your old going back to university. Here are the highlights: (00:49) Creating the right habits […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Help – My 6 year Old Wants A Mobile Phone!

This episode responds to a listener asking “Help – my 6-year-old wants a phone”. Do 6-year-olds need phones? I don’t think so and I’ll explain why.   To access the free resources mentioned in this episode visit https://drmaryhan.com/library Join our campaign One Million Moments to reduce the number of children struggling with mental health challenges from 17% to […]

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