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Bucket Emptying Episodes; Gratitude

Today’s Bucket Emptying podcast episode delves into the powerful practice of gratitude. Research shows that our brain cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, so by focusing on what we’re grateful for, we immerse ourselves in positivity and joy. This mindset not only brings small wins and happiness but also sets the right tone before bedtime. […]

Bed-rot and Apathy

Struggling with children or teens who can’t be bothered, spend hours on sofas/beds glued to televisions or devices, never seem to want to do anything, and could happily while away the whole day in-doors?? I’ve got you covered in this two-part episode. Here are the highlights: (1:00) Warning – it’s going to be a slow […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Should I get my child a smartphone??

Today’s Bucket Emptying podcast episode is a must-listen for parents who are considering giving a mobile device to their child or teen. In 2023, 30% of eight-year-olds had their own smartphone. Yes, you read that right – a third of eight-year-olds own their own digital device. This data is quite eye-opening as it highlights the […]

Friendships – the whole 9 yards (Part 3)

Helping children navigate friendships issues is all about observing the do’s and don’ts I’ll share. When we follow these our children feel better equipped to handle anything. A quick reminder that this is Part 3 in a 3 part series on Friendships.  Listen to Part 1 Listen to Part 2   Here are the highlights: […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Making the right decisions for your child

Today’s Bucket Emptying episode is about navigating the challenges of decision-making as parents. We often find ourselves searching for the ‘right’ choice, aiming to minimise the chances of making mistakes for our children. But is there a ‘right’ decision??? Join me for a 10-minute conversation where I explore the concept of decision-making in parenting.   […]

Friendships – the whole 9 yards (Part 2)

In this week’s episode I’ll unpick practical ways we can support a child who might be struggling making friendships, as well as helping a child transitioning to a new school and starting afresh. A quick reminder that this is Part 2 in a 3 part series on Friendships.   Here are the highlights: (1:25) Characteristics […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Let’s Revisit The Bucket

It’s a month of anniversaries, and this week we celebrate 1 year of the Bucket Emptying episode. So, I’m re-releasing the episode explaining the importance of yours, and your child’s bucket! We don’t notice our bucket filling until that last drop of water goes into the bucket and the water overflows, and we get explosions, […]

3rd Anniversary – Let’s Talk Managing Emotions

Here are the highlights: (1:53) The 3 main reasons why your child is having a meltdown (4:29) Chronological vs developmental age (7:12) Why not to meet fire with fire (11:03) Managing emotions after a confrontation (13:17) Be the role model for your child (16:49) Glitter jars (24:36) Create opportunities for children to practice   💚 […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Growth Mindset As A Parent

Today’s bucket emptying episode comes to you in the week that is the 3rd anniversary of the How Not to Screw Up Your Kids podcast which is now downloaded in 89 countries. I had no idea this is what was going to happen and that you incredible people would be downloading not only one episode […]

Ep 163: Battles Over Different Parenting Styles

What can we do when we find our parenting varies so drastically from our partners that’s it’s causing real issues at home – impacting our children, our relationship and making family life feel like a battleground?? Here are the highlights: (2:30) Not minor disagreements, but core values (5:00) Parenting is a reflection of what is […]

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