Ep 95: Glass Children

Here are the highlights: (02:28) Don’t overplay the guilt (07:22) They might say they’re ok, but they’re not (12:19) Communication is crucial (14:42) Apportioning time based on need (17:22) How to support your glass children (19:15) The elephant in the room To access the free resources mentioned in this episode visit https://drmaryhan.com/library Join our campaign One […]

Ep 94: Attachment Theory

Attachment theory argues a child’s early experiences creates a blueprint for all future relationships. Secure attachments are the result of emotionally sensitive parenting and the child feeling their emotional needs are met. So it’s crucial for teaching emotional regulation. How we achieve this isn’t just what we do when our children are babies. Here are […]

Ep 93: I Can Do Difficult Things

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our children and teens could conquer their fear of failing? So often they stop doing something or don’t even try because they worry about not being good enough, being judged, not being accepted or looking silly. This episode is for all parents and educators who want to help their children […]

Ep 92: The Best Bits

They say ‘repetition is the mother of all learning’ so we’ve pulled together some of the best bits from my most downloaded episodes to help give you a little extra support, and a new 13-page booster resource. Enjoy! Here are the highlights: (01:33) Ep 001 – any attention is better than no attention (05:28) Ep […]

Ep 91: Life Skills Every Child Needs to Learn

At some point our children will grow up and they will need to navigate adult challenges. They’ll need to get a job, or start a business, manage their finances, cook, clean, learn to manage conflict, plan, prioritise, and so on and so on. What are the skills they will need, and how can we better […]

Ep 90: Mum Guilt

  This episode addresses what I feel gets stamped on our foreheads the moment we become parents. Guilt. This guilt comes from the stories we tell ourselves about what it means to be a good mum, so, what are the stories you are really telling yourself and how are they currently serving you?? Plus, I […]

Ep 89: Social & Emotional Development

Social and emotional development is made up of skills which help children develop their resilience and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. For me, they are the crucial components to safeguarding our children’s long term wellbeing. It’s no guarantee they won’t struggle with their mental health later in life – but it does mean they’ll […]

Ep 88: Children Who Hit

  This episode is all about children who get physical and hit. How we respond to hitting follows the same general rules and principles however there will be some additional factors to consider depending on our child’s age. For example a young pre-verbal child hitting is a very different matter to an 18 year old. […]

Ep 87: Lying

  I want to talk about all things connected with lying. Why children do it, when does it develop, what can we do to encourage our children to tell the truth, and what to avoid in the moments when we catch them. Understanding why children do it is crucial to helping us respond in the […]

Ep 86: Tantrums & Meltdowns

  “Tantrums & Meltdowns” is all about how we tackle those inevitable moments when our children simply lose the plot, their emotions get the better of them, or they feel debilitatingly overhwlemed. Of course you may think this is just the domain of the dubbed ‘terrible twos’ but this can happen to any child, at […]