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Ep 145: Do Time-outs Work??

When our child is throwing the mother of all tantrums what do we do? My advice has always been not to use ‘the naughty step’ for the simple reason that it takes a child who is experiencing some pretty big, sometimes scary emotions and isolates them.

However, a ‘time-out’ can be used effectively when the timing is right.

Let me explain…


Here are the highlights:

(01:00) Naughty steps and removal of a child can be negative if used inappropriately

(5:10) Understand the driver behind the behaviour

(6:49) Add in what your child perceives is lacking

(12:11) Work on your own big emotions

(15:04) Be super clear about difference between behaviour and character

(17:41) In the moment advice and how to use time-outs


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