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Ep 008: Managing Tech and Digital Devices


This is such a huge topic so I am going to try to cover as much as I can so I can give all of you, whether you have a 2 year old all the way up to a 22 year old, some useful, practical advice to start using today.

To keep things nice and simple this episode is for you if…..

  • You haven’t yet parted with an electronic device and you want to know how to best set the right ground rules.
  • Your child already has a tablet, mobile phone, gaming console and you are pulling your hair out trying to manage their time on it!
  • You feel you have lost complete control over the use of devices – they’re in bedrooms at night, they’re on them all the time, you are constantly arguing over them, and you just can’t see a way forward.

Here are the highlights: 

{1:41} Tech is part of our children’s lives

{2:33} Children do what they see, not what we say

{3:32} Set some ground rules

{6:30} Set up family check-ins

{8:41} Don’t make tech the enemy

{9:48} Reward good choices

{11:37} Agree on the rules… and stick to them

{13:55} What are the consequences of breaking rules?

{17:40} Communicating this with your children


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