Ep 009: The Link Between Children’s Emotional Wellbeing and Nutrition with Lucinda Miller


In this episode I get to chat to Lucinda Miller; the best selling author of two family cookbooks, and an incredible Naturopath.  

There is mounting evidence of the link between good gut health and mental health and wellbeing. Lucinda explains how this link works in practice without blasting us with science, and then gives us some super practical ways, as parents, we can encourage our children to eat more of the good stuff!

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunty, uncle, nanny, or anyone else interested in improving children’s wellbeing one snack or meal at a time, this podcast episode is for you!


Here are the highlights: 

{4:03} Lucinda Miller introduction

{9:39} The connection between the brain and the gut

{12:33} Chronic inflammation now leads to almost all modern day diseases

{16:01} The micro-biome is super important

{18:45} The importance of GABA

{24:08} The side-effects of ultra processed foods

{33:28} How do we start to make the right changes?

{35:44} Cooking and eating as a family

{42:23} How to make bad foods less bad


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