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Ep 011: Secrets of a Happy Family


This episode is all about the secrets to a Happy Family. Now I am going to be upfront here – there is no such thing as a perfectly happy family – that’s just not reality. What I am going to talk about are the key components we need to master to make family life as harmonious as we can possibly make it. And the biggest secret is about managing our own expectations.

The three core components I will cover are:

  • Siblings relationships
  • Roles within the family
  • Communication

Here are the highlights:

{1:23} Myth-busting sibling relationships

{4:15} Our interference causes the most problems

{9:14} Never referee your children’s arguments

{12:03} Step in when you hear raised voices

{17:32} “I’ve noticed that…”

{19:51} Roles within the family

{22:36} Perception of self and others

{25:20} Family meetings

{29:38} Be on the same parenting page


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