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Ep 012: A Conversation with Dr Maryhan’s Children


This episode Dr Maryhan’s children talk about their childhood. We hear about sibling rivalry, meltdowns in the car because of spellings, competitiveness and Catherine’s childhood trauma thanks to Maryhan’s passion for gardening!!

The children also talk candidly about how they have managed tech, social media, comparisons and becoming confident adults.

Here are the highlights: 

{3:45} Most valuable lessons from parents

{7:53} The garden center trauma

{11:07} Dealing with social media

{18:53} How parenting impacts our relationship with technology

{22:53} “but my other friends are allowed to do it”

{30:18} The pressure to achieve academically

{36:57} Sibling rivalries

{44:18} How much screen time is healthy?


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