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Ep 016: A Step by Step Guide to Helping Children Move Out of Their Comfort Zone


In this episode I am going to take you through a step by step guide to helping your children move out of their comfort zone. By comfort zone I mean that place where they are coasting – doing things they are familiar with and not stretching themselves beyond that. Moving out of their comfort zone is all about trying new things, meeting new people and all the slightly scary things they always so ‘thank you but no thank you to’ not because they don’t want to do them – rather they feel far too scary to even try. 


Here are the highlights: 

{1:50} Supporting our children beyond their comfort zone 

{4:36} Being get drawn into who’s the best parent 

{8:49} The ladder strategy 

{11:54} Consolidating step by step 

{16:28} Helping our children to manage their internal dialogue 

{20:29} The power of post-it notes 

{25:17} Visualising the progress 


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