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Ep 017: Managing Sibling Conflict


This episode is all about how to manage sibling conflict.

Now let me start by being totally honest and upfront – sibling rivalry, disagreements and fall outs are normal. Your children will want to kill each other at times and really dislike each other most of the rest of the time – and that’s normal, you aren’t a bad parent, you haven’t failed and they are certainly not going to turn into a psyho killer!!

However, there are things we do as parents which makes things worse, which we need to stop doing, and there are some new strategies we can employ to help give our children the tools to manage conflict.


Here are the highlights: 

{1:10} You aren’t a bad parent

{3:08} If you don’t see it, you can’t referee it

{6:00} Be calm and keep separate

{9:52} Don’t be tempted to get sucked in

{12:53} Our children have a right to feel annoyed

{15:25} Look at things objectively

{19:06} Children measure time differently to us


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