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Ep 019: The Importance of a Good Morning Routine


This episode is all about the importance of a morning routine and how it helps us to become more effective parents. In fact, I’m going to be even more specific than that’s and talk to all you mothers out there. Now it’s not that this episode won’t be relevant to dads, it absolutely will, I have just found in my experience mum’s gain the most from the shift in emphasis – as will become evident as we go through the process.

As parents we often find ourselves in patterns and cycles which have become habitual, and which don’t serve us, or our family. Maybe we tolerate behaviour because we’re too exhausted to make the change, or we know we are likely to encounter challenges so we maintain the status quo to keep everyone happy?

A good morning routine helps us step out of auto-pilot and more into conscious parenting


Here are the highlights: 

{00:47} Getting stuck in habits

{03:50} When we take care of ourselves, we can better take care of others

{07:56} A good morning routine starts with bedtime

{11:43} S is for Silence

{15:01} H is for Hydration

{18:22} I is for Intention & N is for Notetaking

{23:10} E is for Exercise


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