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Ep 033: Friendships – The Highs and Lows

This episode is all about childhood friendships; the high and lows, ins and outs and how we can help our children navigate them better.
As humans we are social animals – we want to belong, we want to be accepted, be part of a collective and friendships serve that purpose for us. When it comes to school – friendships are the reason children stay happy and bounce into school. When they are struggling with friendships it can create a whole host of other issues.
These issues occur across all ages from pre-schoolers all the way up to our school leavers and university attending young adults – the language used is just different.
I’ll share the qualities of a good friend and the five friendship truths.
Here are the highlights:
(01:55) The importance of friendships for our children
(03:15) Qualities of a good friendship
(14:33) Identifying our strengths and weaknesses
(20:14) How to react when your child is struggling with friendships
(22:09) The 5 truths about friendships your child should understand

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