Ep 034: Play – A Child’s Work


This episode is all about the importance of play for our children.

I am often asked about how much time school-aged children should have to play each day. My answer is always the same…I believe play is the single most important activity for children to engage in, each and every day, for at least one hour.

The research evidence is overwhelming in documenting the power of play for children’s emotional wellbeing, social development, AND academic achievement.  

I will share with you my five top reasons why you should be scheduling play into your child’s day, before anything else. 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:00) Play has a huge impact on your child’s emotional wellbeing 

(08:14) Wind down and recharge through playtime 

(12:34) Play teaches social skills 

(16:35) Don’t stifle your children’s creativity 

(22:11) Let them communicate with their internal chatter 


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