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Ep 036: Children’s Willpower: A Battery Which Needs Recharging


Children’s willpower is like a rechargeable battery; it starts the day full and slowly drains away to nothing, before sleep recharges it for the next day.    

How quickly your child’s battery runs flat depends in part on their character, how much their willpower has been used throughout the day, and whether they have regularly visited a recharge station.    

In this episode I will share with you my five simple ways to ensure your child’s battery has enough charge to get them through their day.   

Plus, I answer the question of the week from a parent who can’t get her child to talk to her. What should she do? 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:57) 5 simple ways to keep our children’s batteries charged 

(06:38) A simple card game 

(09:28) The marshmallow experiment 

(13:18) Promote the right mindset 

(20:35) Parent question of the week 


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