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Ep 037: Back-Chat and Pushing Boundaries


In this episode we are talking about back-chat and pushing boundaries. I get asked about this a lot as I know it’s something we can really struggle with as parents.  

We usually associate this type of behaviour with the teenagers; thirteen, fourteen-year-olds being rebellious and pushing every boundary. Yet what I know to be true is this pattern of behaviour is not limited to any age. It’s much more to do with what is happening in our children’s internal world than something which is specifically related to a given age or stage of development. 

I’ll share my thoughts on why we are seeing this behaviour more and more, and in younger and younger children. I will also share my usual five top strategies to help and support. 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:05) Children want control over their lives just like us 

(05:25) All decisions come with consequences 

(10:39) Help our children make choices 

(15:24) Punishments don’t work, but consequences do 

(19:55) Be clear, be consistent and follow through 

(24:19) Regularly check in with yourself 


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