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Ep 038: If Only I Knew

This is episode takes a slightly different tack to parenting – looking at it from the perspective of “If only I knew!”   

It takes the approach if I knew then what I knew now – how would I parent differently? I believe quite strongly that it’s never too late to start afresh, we genuinely cannot screw up our kids, if we approach parenting consciously – constantly reflecting back on choices we’ve made and why we made them – and then making changes when we need to.   

So if you’re an expectant parent with your first child and you’re listening to this, or you’re expecting your second, third, fourth child or maybe you’re a parent looking at making a fresh start with your parenting. This episode is for you. 


Here are the highlights: 

(00:32) It’s never too late 

(04:35) Listening to our Inner Child 

(07:33) What kind of adult do you want to raise? 

(12:50) Children do what they see, not what we say 

(15:22) Parenting is a work in progress 


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