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Ep 041: Real Parenting – Parenting Consistently When You’re Knackered

This is episode is brought to you as a result of a listener email. We are going to talk about real parenting – the messy, dirty, ugly, crying, shouting, despairing trials which confront us – often it feels, on a daily basis!!

Whether you’re feeling totally knackered, as though you’re failing. Feeling as though you are throwing random threats out when your children make poor choices and then not being able to follow through – maybe even feeling as though your children are ganging up on you – being deliberately non-compliant and hatching a plan to completely mess with your mind!!!! This episode is for you 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:26) We have all been there 

(04:40) Cut yourself some slack 

(08:10) Quick wins vs longer lasting changes 

(11:29) Review your household rules regularly 

(15:40) You are the CEO of your family 

(21:12) Check in on you 

(27:09) My give this week 


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