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Ep 042: Parenting the Child You Have and Not the Child You Secretly Wanted!

You know that time when you are expecting and you’re lost on those dreams of what your child will be like? The interests you think they are likely to have because of you and your partner’s interests and passions. The qualities you feel they will inherit and how they will utilise them. Maybe you are both musical and you imagine them growing up to have an appreciation of classical music, as you do. Maybe you are super sporty and you imagine which sports they will choose to take up or maybe you are super creative and you imagine what form their creativity might take.   

Then they are born grow up and their natural interests could not be more out of alignment to your own and you wonder – what the hell happened??!!!!   

How do we get to know and parent the child we have, rather than the child we secretly hoped we’d have.


Here are the highlights: 

(00:26) Lost in dreams of what your child might be 

(04:04) Three health warnings 

(09:51) A practical exercise to get to know your children 

(15:14) Describing yourself in 10 words 

(23:09) Understanding your child’s aspirations 

(25:59) Applying this exercise in real life 


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