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Ep 043: A Letter to All Ambitious Mothers


In this episode I talk about being a mother and having personal ambitions.  Wanting something for you which feels worthwhile striving for and yet comes with a whole host of guilt about whether you are failing at motherhood because of your ambitions. 

At 52 I no long worry what anyone thinks of me, my drive, or my ambition. I am unapologetically me, and by the way –  I know I am a great mother!!

What I know now to be true has always been true, I just wish I could have told my younger self and spared myself years of unnecessary self-criticism and worry. So, allow me to gift you the wisdom I have gained over the past five decades. 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:41) My children didn’t need me anymore 

(05:36) Find your tribe 

(10:33) We set unrealistic benchmarks for ourselves 

(15:43) Leave comparison at the door 

(20:01) Practice self-compassion 


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