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Ep 052: Helping Children Succeed at School

Let’s talk about how we can help our children succeed at school. Success at school is of course linked to academics, but it is also linked to social aspects such as friendships, and confidence. So I will talk about how our children can succeed by becoming independent learners, and owing their learning journey.

You might find this useful if your teen is studying for big exams as well as for children owning their school success – whether it’s homework, friendships, reading, or just being curious about the world and wanting to learn. 


Here are the highlights: 

(00:37) It’s about more than academics 

(03:00) Focus on process, not outcomes 

(06:41) Set regular goals as a family 

(11:19) Confidence is contagious 

(16:10) be prepared for trial and error 

(20:24) Setting up a good study routine 


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