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Ep 054: Promoting Healthy Body Image

Over 50% of children worry about how they look, 36% say they will do whatever it takes to look good, and 57% have considered going on a diet! Scary statistics when all we want is happy children who celebrate their own uniqueness.  

That’s why today’s episode is all about body image – a tricky subject for us as parents to navigate, so hope by listening to this podcast you come away with some easy to implement techniques.

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Here are the highlights: 

(01:04) Children worry about body image too! 

(04:31) The media has a huge impact on our children 

(08:53) We must be self-aware about our own body image first 

(14:28) Being fit does NOT mean not feeling fat 

(16:43) Making healthy choices 

(22:46) Teach our children to be media savvy 

(24:22) Creating a healthy narrative 


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