Ep 058: School Holidays – Beyond Surviving


This episode is all about school holidays and how we can not only survive them – we can thrive as a family. Cliché I know but go with it.

I will share with you the tools I used when my children were younger, which worked so well – my children asked for them each holiday! 

The holidays are long but they don’t have to be a huge juggling act, battleground, or source of untold stress. 

I also have a bumper set of free resources to help you. 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:00) Suddenly everyone is home 

(06:37) Get children involved in planning your holidays 

(09:17) Set realistic expectations 

(13:14) It’s ok to ask for help 

(15:49) Cheerful Treats & Grumble Chores 

(21:35) GEARS 

(25:10) Setting challenges for ourselves 


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