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Ep 059: Toxic Friendships – How to Spot Them and Support Your Child

Toxic relationships are on the rise! They are friendships which aren’t healthy – they’re not about mutual respect, trust, and sharing. Instead, they are manipulative, controlling, one-sided and make our children feel awful about themselves. 

In this episode I will talk about how we can spot the signs our child or teen is in a toxic friendship and how we can then best support them to get out of it – and the answer isn’t to go all guns blazing and tell them to stop spending time with them! 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:03) Red and Green Friends 

(04:15) The signs of a toxic friendship 

(10:36) Do not villainise the other child 

(14:28) Acting with a growth mindset 

(17:55) The power of listening 

(20:25) Friendship is like a game of Jenga 

(25:48) Stopping the cycle of toxic relationships 


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