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Ep 062: Back to School

I’ll be talking “Back to School’ and how we can prepare our children and teens to go back to school, start school for the first time, transition to junior school, senior school, boarding school or university.

Whether you are listening to this before you children start school or well into the school term, the principles I am going to share are helpful at any point in time when you need to reset patterns of being and behaviour which aren’t optimal for school and getting the best out of school and education. 


Here are the highlights: 

(01:03) Repetition is the mother of all learning 

(05:55) Bedtime routines slip during the holidays 

(11:13) Keeping and creating structure 

(13:58) How to help our children gain independence 

(18:43) Conversations to help kids deal with back to school anxiety 

(23:18) Role play is for everyone 


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