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Ep 063: Sibling Dynamics

Siblings argue, this is perfectly normal. They are vying for a limited resource – our time.

Yet the type of battles our children have with each other, are very much influenced by the ‘role’ our children play within the family dynamics. You cannot begin to make meaningful changes, until you fully understand, and potentially address any issues which arise from these roles.

I will talk about ‘roles’ and how they are created, before moving onto how we can avoid constantly refereeing our children’s arguments.   


Here are the highlights: 

(00:22) Introduction 

(03:26) Sibling roles, from the naughty one to the mini-Mummy 

(06:03) Understanding the roles we have created within the family 

(07:55) Start with a family audit 

(12:14) Do not referee arguments you didn’t witness 

(17:23) How to de-escalate situations 

(20:53) My strategies to deal with sibling dynamics


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