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Ep 73: Helping Girls Navigate Friendships with Amy & Jess

Friendships can be one of the biggest challenges our girls have to navigate. It can cause so much upset and make life miserable. So, Amy and Jess wrote a book to help their daughters so they never had to struggle with friendships as they did. They hope the hard lessons they learned help smooth the road for young girls and help them walk with their heads held high, never doubting who they are, or wondering if they are enough.  Whilst the book was written for girls, the lessons and techniques are just as usual for boys.

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Here are the highlights:

(02:41) How the book came to be

(05:59) The difference between boys and girls

(10:52) Normalising vulnerability with our children

(17:12) Mom has issues too

(23:59) Someone is either with you or against you

(31:45) Standing on the outside of the circle

(37:15) Friendship shouldn’t be earned

(42:03) Be humble


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