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Ep 76: Finding Peace of Mind with Zoe Blaskey


In life there are times when you come across people who you just know are going to be instrumental in changing your perspective on life and I am really not over playing it when I say this about Zoe. She has read, trained and pulled together all the research and best practice on navigating motherhood with self-awareness and her insights on intergenerational cycles, conditioning and what every child craves are tempered with super practical things we can do with this new found self-awareness.

I wish Zoe had been around when I was raising my two children as I know I would have found peace of mind in my own parenting so much sooner for having known her. You’re in a for a real treat.


Here are the highlights:

(01:57) The most precious inheritance is happiness

(06:07) 80% of parenting is modelling

(11:54) We didn’t talk about feelings enough

(16:38) Preparing for parenthood

(24:49) Self-care isn’t just bubble baths and yoga

(30:25) Three core needs

(33:59) Making complex science pallatable

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