Ep 84: Great Habits for Super Young Children


Here’s a thought for you – every interaction you have with your child will leave a trace – in the wiring of their brain. Repeated interactions of the same type will build permanent connections – so we want these to be helpful ones which build resilience rather than reliance.
In this episode I’ll share the five core skills we should be teaching our under five year olds to give them the best possible start whilst reminding you it’s never too late to start.
Here are the highlights:
(01:02) Our children are the house, and we provide the scaffolding
(03:41) Positive early development is critical
(06:26) Every interaction with your child affects the wiring in their brain
(10:13) Managing big emotions with good communication skills
(14:10) Activities to aid your child’s emotional literacy
(17:23) Help your children to problem solve
(20:50) Understanding emotions
(25:32) Building natural curiosity
(28:03) The freedom to ask questions
(30:43) I can’t do that… yet

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