Ep 86: Tantrums & Meltdowns


“Tantrums & Meltdowns” is all about how we tackle those inevitable moments when our children simply lose the plot, their emotions get the better of them, or they feel debilitatingly overhwlemed. Of course you may think this is just the domain of the dubbed ‘terrible twos’ but this can happen to any child, at any ages.
In this episode I’ll talk about what causes them, how we can prevent them, and what to do in the midst of the meltdown.

Here are the highlights:

(01:22) Our children will have a meltdown… it’s inevitable
(04:44) It’s not just toddlers who struggle with communication
(08:49) Four things you need to know about tantrums
(12:41) How to help children communicate their basic needs
(17:43) Spotting and managing triggers
(20:29) Praise the positives!
(25:56) Stop using “no” as a default response
(29:21) Knowing your child’s limits
(33:43) Model calm behaviour
(38:13) I disagree with the parenting books
(41:45) It’s always easier said than done!

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