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Ep 068: How to Talk to Children About Loss


Whilst the release of this episode is immediately after the death Queen Elizabeth II, the approach I suggest is intended to cover any situation where a child comes into contact with the death of someone – whether that’s a direct relative, a friend, neighbour, public figure etc. 

For some the current world event may mean you are talking about death for the very first time and your child might be really still quite young, for others the Queen’s death might be bringing up old sadness for a loved one who has already died, others might have people in their lives who are currently unwell, or your children are asking questions about your own longevity. 

I’ll talk you through the eight principles to be mindful of when starting and maintaining those conversations about death.    


Here are the highlights: 

(00:33) The Queen’s death may prompt difficult questions 

(03:02) Be honest, clear and direct 

(05:54) Children’s biggest fear is abandonment 

(10:34) Crying make us human 

(14:12) Communication is key 

(17:22) We don’t always have the perfect answer 

(20:27) There’s no one size fits all 

(23:22) We want our children to know the facts 

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