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Bucket Emptying Episodes; Growth Mindset As A Parent

Today’s bucket emptying episode comes to you in the week that is the 3rd anniversary of the How Not to Screw Up Your Kids podcast which is now downloaded in 89 countries.

I had no idea this is what was going to happen and that you incredible people would be downloading not only one episode a week, but now two, each Monday and Thursday.

So, thank you so much. It does not go unappreciated by me and my team.

This week’s episode is for you as a parent, and it’s particularly for you if you’re struggling with a particular aspect of your child’s behaviour, mindset, language, whatever it is that is either triggering you or causing you a lot of challenges.

Listen as I share my top tips, and if this advice isn’t relevant to you please remember to share with a friend or colleague that could do with a hand this week.


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