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Ep 066: I’m Not Very Good At…


We have all heard a variation of one of these comments from our children – “I am not very good at… ‘this is rubbish’, ‘I can’t’, I’m not good at…’ but what does it mean?? There are potentially 6 different reasons why and yet, it is doesn’t really matter which reason it is – the comments tell us something about how they are experiencing things right now AND how to help them. 

I will talk you through my 6-point solution – what to do and how to solve the issue longer term. 


Here are the highlights: 

(00:33) From low confidence to attention-seeking – what does it mean? 

(04:02) Children are insanely present 

(07:06) We have two ears and only one mouth 

(10:38) Acknowledging how our children feel 

(15:46) Failure is a part of life 

(19:46) We need to get real and be honest with our kids 

(23:02) Silencing the inner critic


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