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Ep 135: Managing Explosive Emotions

How should we respond to a child or teen who swears, is physical and aggressive when they experience big emotions? We might not recognise our child or teen in these moments. I will share my top tips of what to do in the moment to diffuse things, and how best to approach the education piece in order to distinguish future explosive outbursts.

Here are the highlights:

(2:15) Recap from Ep 134
(5:00) Explosive behaviours
(7:50) Don’t be drawn into name calling or abusive language
(10:40) Keep your voice calm and use few words
(13:24) Create a safe environment – don’t sent them away!
(15:48) Teach consequences for the behavioural choices
(18:55) Try to identify your child’s triggers
(21:00) Zoom out and reflect on your child as a whole

Recap Ep 134: Managing Big Emotions


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