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Ep 145: Do Time-outs Work??

When our child is throwing the mother of all tantrums what do we do? My advice has always been not to use ‘the naughty step’ for the simple reason that it takes a child who is experiencing some pretty big, sometimes scary emotions and isolates them. However, a ‘time-out’ can be used effectively when the […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Am I A Bad Child?

This week’s Bucket Emptying podcast episode addresses a question from a concerned primary school parent – how to support a child who is self-deprecating after making poor choices. Your child might say things like “I’m a bad person”, “I’m a naughty person”, or “I’m awful” after snatching a toy from a friend, getting angry when […]

Ep 144: Great Habits For Super Young Children

Here’s a thought for you – every interaction you have with your child will leave a trace – in the wiring of their brain. Repeated interactions of the same type will build permanent connections – so we want these to be helpful ones which build resilience rather than reliance. In this episode I’ll share the […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; How To Create New Habits

This week’s Bucket Emptying podcast episode is a must-listen as it’ll help both you and your children! It’s all about creating new habits, and I share my top tips to not only establish new habits but to also maintain them in the long-term. Tune in now and discover how you can make positive changes in […]

Ep 143: Back-Chat & Boundaries

I get asked about back-chat a lot as I know it’s something we can really struggle with as parents.   We usually associate this type of behaviour with the teenagers being rebellious and pushing every boundary, but it’s about what’s happening in our children’s internal world than something which is specifically related to a given age […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Can I Insist On No Devices For Sleepovers??

In this week’s Bucket Emptying podcast episode I’m answering a listener question “Can I insist on no devices when my child is having a sleepover?” With the rise of technology, it’s a question that many of you may face, and as the CEO of your family, you can insist on this! Listen in as share […]

Ep 142: The Power Of Words

We have 6,000 thoughts a day – 80% are negative and 90% of which are habitual. If you have low confidence, you’re telling yourself 4,800 times day you’re not good enough!! I’ll share how you can help your child build a new narrative.   Here are the highlights:  {1:18} The impact of words {4:15} Our […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Saying Yes Also Means Saying No!

Would you like to achieve a #winwin? This week’s Bucket Emptying episode is just what you need! I’ll explain how your habit of completing routine tasks for your children is causing you to miss out on opportunities and hindering your children’s development of independence. Purchase your ticket for the next 60-minutes with Dr Maryhan ‘Preparing […]

Ep 141: Why Children Need Boundaries

Parenting isn’t a popularity contest. It’s about making the difficult decisions, because we’re playing the long game AND it won’t make us popular. Boundaries allow children to grow and become the resilient adults we all want them to be. Here are the highlights:  {0:40} Positive parenting does not mean equal terms friendship {2:00} What do […]

Bucket Emptying Episodes; Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!!

This week’s Bucket Emptying episode is a must-watch for all parents out there! Join me as I share my advice on how to stop comparing yourself to other parents and empty your own bucket. Let’s break the habit and start focusing on our own journey. Watch the Bucket Emptying Episodes on Youtube Join the How […]

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