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Ep 124: Resilience Is What Matters

Resilient children have an ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties, they remain flexible and adaptable to life’s challenges and bounce back from setbacks. A resilient person still experiences stress and big emotions – they simply respond to them differently than people who aren’t resilient.

I’ll share the 7 C’s of resilience and how we can foster these at home.

Here are the highlights:

(0.45) Why does resilience matter?

(7:15) 7 C’s of resilience

(11:48) Competence can’t be acquired theoretically

(16:07) Confidence grows by tackling challenges

(18:01) Connection strengthens our kid’s foundations

(22:24) Values underpin character

(24:26) Do they know their contribution is valued?

(26:19) Self-soothing fosters the ability to cope with big emotions

(29:07) Internal and external locus of control


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