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Ep 85: So You’re Expecting

I am talking all about what we can do when we’re expecting the arrival of our child – however we find ourselves embarking on the journey to parenting. It’s also supremely relevant for all the other stages of our children’s lives as they reach them -as these are another birth – walking, talking, preschool, school, university, first job, leaving home…

My six pointers will help keep you grounded and sane.

Here are the highlights:
(01:14) Parents-to-Be consume information by the barrel load
(05:13) Read about different milestones, not just birth
(08:02) Parenting isn’t black and white
(11:12) It’s always messier than you expect!
(14:16) Don’t fall into this parenting trap…
(16:46) The right time to have difficult conversations with partners
(20:36) Make sure communication with co-parents is open and often
(23:17) Different do what they see, not what we say
(26:32) Self-care is critical
(30:22) Every child develops and adapts uniquely


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