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Join Dr. Maryhan’s
How Not To

An online community for families who want a safe pair of hands as they navigate their parenting journey.

I know you can do incredible things to support your children.

As a passionate parent advocate, I know you can do incredible things to support your children when you are taught practical, easy to implement strategies, which work!

That’s why I created the How Not To Community! An online community packed with on-demand videos and printable resources tackling the biggest challenges parents just like YOU have asked for support on.

JUST SOME of the topics I support parents with:

Helping children manage those big emotions

Supporting children who worry

Managing the use of technology

Building children’s confidence

You’ll get direct access to me and other like-minded parents...

…through the How Not To online community. Just like you, they don’t have all the answers, yet are open and honest about the challenges they are facing. Make friends, share tears, and celebrate your wins.

What’s included in your annual membership?

Monthly Workshops with Maryhan & guests (£100 value)

Quarterly Workshops for your child
(£148 value)

7 Steps to Calm Digital Course
(£47 value)

Anxiety Toolkit Digital Course
(£47 value)

Kids Academy Toolkit
(£47 value)

Managing Technology Digital Course
(£27 value)

Downloadable strategies & resources for parenting
(£270 value)

Access to Dr. Maryhan to ask questions with judgement-free answers
(£2600 value)

The key to great parenting? Be consistent, take your time, learn and grow in confidence together as a family.

The How Not To Online Community will help you do just that. It will help you avoid the temptation to make too many changes in one go – and, instead, focus on one thing at a time. Once you have one strategy successfully in place, then move on to the next.

Over £3000 value for just £107.69 a year or £9.79 a month, it’s a no brainer that this is the perfect community for you. See you on the inside!!

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