Kid’s Academy Toolkit

Raising Happy, Resilient, Confident Children

Dr Maryhan’s toolkit helps children strive to take on new challenges; creating their own unique toolkit so they can build better friendships, understand the power of practice, negotiate with siblings, and become aware of their own internal chatter.

Building Your Family Toolkit

Covering a whole breadth of areas, you often ask me for help with. Helping siblings, confidence building, internal chatter, and managing emotions.

Resources At Your Fingertips

The bundle includes access to worksheets, pre-filled templates, and how-to activities, which are all downloadable.

Lifetime Access

Work through the resources at your own pace, download them, review them, use them, time and time again.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Dr Maryhan's Kid's Academy Toolkit
  • Video: A message from Dr Maryhan

Video: How to use the mantras

Video: The Inner Critic and Cheerleader

Resource: Mantras

Conversation Starters
  • Video: How to use the conversation starters
  • Resource: Questions as conversation starters
GEARS Daily Challenge
  • Video: How to use GEARS
  • Resource: GEARS weekly sheet
  • Resource: Aspirations Ladder and Challenges
Qualities of a Happy Family
  • Video: How to use the qualities of a happy family resource.
  • Resource: Qualities of a happy family for building block resource
Qualities of a Good Friendship
  • Video: How to use the Qualities of a Good Friendship and Friend’o’meter
  • Resource: Friend’o’meter
  • Resource: Qualities of a good friendship for wooden blocks tower
Promoting a Growth Mindset
  • Video: Growth mindset and the Power of Yet
  • Resource: Coloured brains to cut-out and use
Sibling Harmony Project
  • Video: Sibling harmony projects
  • Resource: Sibling harmony projects to complete
Managing Emotions
  • Video: Glitter jar and fight and flight response
  • Resource: Understanding my emotions cards
  • Video: How to use the managing emotions resources

Hello I’m Dr. Maryhan

I help parents of children who struggle with low confidence or anxiety by teaching them practical strategies to move their child from angst to courage so everyone feels confident, calm, and connected.

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