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Parenting has got a whole load harder; not just because we are busier than ever but because our children are growing up in an ever changing, fast-paced world which is so different to the one we grew up in.

 My free resources build on each podcast episode and are collated together in one place. An online library of printable, downloadable resources to help you build your family toolkit.

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  • You understand there is no ‘quick fix’.
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  • You are prepared to do the work, and recognise it won’t always be easy
  • You recognise the first piece of the jigsaw starts with you

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It was excellent. I think that this type of approach would be far more effective then the constant emphasis on diagnosing “syndromes” that we see within the school system and CAMHS. It should be taught as part of teacher training.


The format of the membership makes it easily accessible for busy lifestyles and signing up has been an absolute life saver for our family. Dr Maryhan’s engaging style and brilliant, practical strategies have meant that we now have a deeper understanding of the issues we face and more importantly, how we can overcome them. 


Working with Maryhan is fun. Her workshops are good for learning some useful skills. They have helped me to openly talk a bit more, to feel better about myself and to better understand friendships. I would descrive her as my social supportist!

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