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Confidence is totally an inside job, so it doesn’t matter how much you praise we pour onto our children, we are never going to build their confidence this way – we need to help them do the inner work.

This is where my card decks come in.

Cards are a hands-on, tactile way to help children become more self-aware, – you can’t begin to make changes until you are clear about your starting point.

Once your child has clarity, they can then use the card decks, and a little problem solving, to pull together their own route map to success – whatever that looks like for them.

The Confident Kids Card Decks are made up of four different card packs. Each pack has between 52-54 cards and instructions on how to play.

If you want to work on boosting your child’s confidence even further then why not add Dr Maryhan’s 85-page Children’s Finding Courage to downloadable workbook for an extra £8 taking your total to £35

Postage & Packaging included in the listed price.

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Each card deck addresses a different area of your child’s life, which all contribute to their overall confidence. Giving your child and your family a whole mind work-out!

The Deck includes:

  • Conversation Starters
  • Qualities of a Happy Family
  • Mantras for Kids
  • Qualities of a Good Friendship


Card dimensions

The card decks are designed specifically for children’s hands, so are smaller than a typical pack of cards.

Each card is 8.7cm by 5.6cm

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