Raising Resilient and Confident Children Online Course


Resilience and Confidence are the greatest skills we can teach our children. They are better predictors of success in adult life than academic ability, and yet appear so difficult to promote and encourage day to day.

Some children seem to have confidence in abundance; they are able to pick themselves up when things go wrong and try again. Whilst others seem to struggle with even the basics of looking people in eye, putting their hand up in class, persevering when things go wrong, standing up for themselves with friends, doing things independently, or pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, rather than simply saying ‘no’ for fear they’ll fail.

It can be really challenging as a parent to know how we can best help; should you simply wait until your child is ready, or push them, working on the assumption they’ll love it once they try?

In this online course Dr Maryhan will talk about the key characteristics, which confident and resilient children have, and how we as parents can begin to foster these behaviours using simple strategies in our day to day lives.



Online self-paced course consisting 7 modules:
  • What is Resilience
  • Managing your child’s internal chatter
  • Improving their problem solving skills
  • Accepting change only occurs with effort
  • Learning to set goals
  • Finding ways to keep calm and relaxed
  • Next steps


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