SHINE Planner & Bonus

SHINE is a 30- minute morning routine focused around 5 simple practices.

S – Silence
H – Hydration
I – Intention
N – Note-taking
E – Exercise

The SHINE self-care planner has been specifically designed to help you with your own self-care journey. It keeps your practice all in one place.

→ BONUS GIFT: Recordings of Dr Maryhan’s favourite silence practices!



What’s Inside The Planner?

  • Weekly goal setting; start each week with a clear focus
  • Sunday family meeting; a weekly catch-up template
  • Month View; allowing you to be more intentional with your self-care each month
  • Daily SHINE Practice; track your five practices each day
  • Journal; to reflect and set our daily intentions
  • Notes; to jot down ideas as they come to you
  • Inspirational quotes; to motivate and reflect on
  • Daily Gratitude; helping us to recognise those small wins each day

Choose between a single planner which covers your self-care for 3 months or make the commitment to your self-care for a whole year, and we will send you four planners and gift you recordings of Dr Maryhan’s favourite silence practices!

Make the commitment today to your self-care and join the SHINE Challenge Revolution!

Can’t wait to see you on the inside

Dr Maryhan x

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