Ep 002: Confidence

“The most valuable lesson we can teach our children is how to be happy and confident with who they are. Everything else falls into place when they truly believe in themselves.”

That is my absolute honest belief and it’s not because I don’t value education and what qualifications give our children – it’s just without confidence children can never ever really reach their full potential – and who wants a child growing into an unfulfilled adult???

Join me as I blow the lid off what Confidence isn’t and share my three Confidence Codes to help your child take those first steps to becoming their best selves.

Here are the highlights:
{2:08} 2 misconceptions about confidence
{3:20} Understanding the internal dialogue
{6:31} Helping your children communicate their inner feelings
{8:53} Helping our children problem solve
{9:55} Don’t be a super fixer
{11:22} It’s all about timing
{12:57} Encourage your children to set goals
{14:48} Appreciate the journey

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